Law Enforcement

Having provided to date more than one million man-hours of law enforcement training, Watch House leverages the combined experiences of its accomplished professionals within the federal, state and municipal services. Our talented cadre average 25 or more years of field-level to executive-level experience in various federal and local agencies, including ATF, FAMS, FBI, DEA, USMS, ICE, USSS, IRS, TSA, USCG, U.S. Military Special Operations and numerous police agencies across the country.  Watch House staff have experience in over 40 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.  You will find us on the GSA Schedule.

We can deliver law enforcement training for the following topics, as well as operational services for most:

Fire Investigation Border & Port Security
Explosives & IED Firearm
Anti-Terrorism Electronic Data Analysis
Community Involvement Work Place Violence
K-9 & Police Patrol Cyber & Financial
Aviation Security & Surveillance Narcotics
Law Enforcement Intelligence Tactical
Active Threat Leadership Development